Kaleo is a Greek word meaning to call or to invite.  At Kaleo, we would like to invite you into a counseling relationship that seeks to move towards healing and restoration, in order to help you live out the life to which you have been called.

We believe that God uses relationship with Himself and with others to bring about transformation.  Being in relationship with Him allows us to experience His love, grace, healing, guidance, and empowerment.  God uses relationship with others as an extension of Himself, also revealing the areas in our lives in which He desires for us to become more like Him.  Although our hearts often want to run from relationship, we are invited to move away from self-protection; to grapple with the vulnerability of being known and loved, of knowing others and loving them well.

And so, we view the counseling relationship in light of Truth as revealed in the Scriptures:  God loves us unconditionally and desires for us to know Him intimately.  We experience healing and freedom through the grace He offers us continually.  Through His Spirit, we get to be changed into the likeness of His Son.  He calls us, as His redeemed, to live out life together for His glory.